UNSC decision on Masood Azhar could decide the future of South Asia’s regional stability

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    UNSC decision on Masood Azhar could decide the future of South Asia's regional stability

    Today’s decision at the United Nations Security Council will be crucial in deciding the future of South Asia’s regional stability and peace. Not only will it help India decide its prospective course of action vis-a-vis Pakistan but it could also bring forth some new global dynamics.

    U.S has vociferously supported the inclusion of Masood Azhar in the designated list of ‘global terrorists’. Along with UK and France they have moved the resolution to designate Azhar as a global threat. Russia has also supported the move.

    All eyes will now be on China, who, in the past, has blocked India’s bids to get Azhar listed as a UN-designated global terrorist. The past moves have not been favoured by them and they have rejected it on three earlier occasion.

    This time though, everyone is expecting a different scenario. China is under immense global pressure, especially in the aftermath of the Pulwama attack and the subsequent air strikes between India and Pakistan. If they do oppose the move to update the designated list, it could present a few grim future situations.

    Their relations with Washington, for instance, could be a question mark. India, as a strong South Asian nation, could also take a firm stance against China.

    It is time the participating countries realise that supporting terrorism is not the way forward for global peace and stability. Such countries need to be dealt with firmly. Economic sanctions need to be exercised on them to hinder economic growth.

    Terrorism needs a firm hand to eliminate it and global unity is paramount in making this happen.