Trudeau – Macron dichotomy? Is there an undercurrent to be assessed?

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    Trudeau – Macron dichotomy? Is there an undercurrent to be assessed?

    PM Modi was at the airport to receive French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife, armed with the hugs, the smiles and the warmth.
    Cut to a few days back. Canadian PM Justin Trudeau and his family arrive in New Delhi and the Indian premier was conspicuous with his absence.

    Is this a feeler to bigger scenarios? Especially when both he and Macron are often compared internationally because of their broadly similar political views, as well as youth and good looks.

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    A vital European power, Macron has clearly indicated that he wants France to be India’s choice of entry in the region. Likewise, for India, this relationship could result in larger military support to combat the rising power of China in the Indian Ocean. Hence, a strategic alliance balanced with personal comradery was almost manifested.

    Trudeau, on the other hand, had the misfiring’s evident right from the beginning. A delayed political meeting, the so-called swing towards pro Khalistan groups and the faux pas of invitation; did weigh the trip down.
    How these events finally shape up the long-term relationships, is to be seen and assessed with time.