Time To Save Sinking Congress From Drowning?

    Should the Gandhis make way for a new leadership in the Congress? This is what is doing rounds within the grand old party which is drawing flak from all quarters – outside and within – for its abysmal performance in the recently concluded Bihar elections.

    Fighting for relevance, Congress now has to address the core issue of leadership if it has to stay afloat in the political pulpit. Dismissing suggestions coming in from party veterans calling for a change of guard as revolt and insubordination and making side comments to target voices calling for change will not do the party any good is a point that the party leadership and faithful loyalists need to understand.

    While the BJP is marching ahead and cementing its footprints, Congress seems to be a sinking ship. If the party fails to hear senior voices like Kapil Sibal, the day isn’t far when the rudderless Congress ship may drown in choppy waters.

    If party loyalists are not listened to and the power centre remains concentrated with the Gandhis, chances of revolt cannot be ruled out in the days to come.