Time for a safe India campaign

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    Time for a safe India campaign

    It’s high time we have a safe India campaign to make things really safer for woman
    A country where on one hand we pray to Goddess Durga and on the other hand rape a woman right there inside a temple, something is horribly wrong. We plan on taking our nation to greater heights, but these incidents shame us and we need to introspect.

    It is the need of the hour to have a safe India campaign for women of all age groups as no woman is safe at any time of the day or at any place be it their own homes, given the increase in crime against women.

    One of the major steps that we ought to initialize is a stricter action towards the rapists, as there is no fear in them so their actions are also becoming more and more rampant. A campaign should be initiated to educate the citizens about feminism and how it is the right of women to roam around freely without any fear in their own country.
    Cruelty knows no bounds in the country that states equality as their motto.
    Let’s all pledge to change the motto to create a more developed nation for our Goddesses as they have the right to live and feel safe.