The rise of the Halloween culture in India; spooky or plain fun?

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    The rise of the Halloween culture in India; spooky or plain fun?

    Today is Halloween and every house, condominium and apartment building, in most of India, is buzzing with activity. Trick or treat goodies are getting readied, children are bursting with excitement, restaurants have special theme nights, discounts are available in shops and malls are decorated in eerie décor that is nothing short of ‘spook’tacular!

    Disney's 'Halloweentown' can actually be visited this fall
    Welcome to the India that is ready to adopt western cultures and traditions with finesse.

    The last few years have seen a surge in the number of people who participate.
    The question then is, that India is populated by numerous cultures and festivals, is this addition justified? Or, as fundamentalists argue – are we bending too much towards western influence, without understanding the real meaning and with so much fascination, that even Diwali can be left behind.

    Each to his side. However, as Indians, we take immense pride in celebrating our festivals with gaiety. Halloween gives us that space to imagine, think out of the box and adorn ourselves in characters that are otherwise unthinkable experiences. Or maybe, its just so much fun and action that it attracts us with all its might.

    Thanks to internet and television, there are hardly any cultural boundaries left between nations.
    So, why not let them enjoy a festival with as much fervour as another. So, what if they do not know the background. For that matter, many wouldn’t even have the requisite information for Indian festivals too.

    Let’s not be judgemental. As a secular and democratic country, we pride in being tolerant. why make an exception now?