Stress can be dangerous; VG Siddhartha’s death brings forward the reality

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    An entrepreneur par excellence, the ‘Coffee King’ and the person who made coffee outlets in India a trend, VG Siddhartha’s death has put the focus back on a grave topic – How to deal with stress in our everyday lives without succumbing to it.

    In today’s competitive and fast forward lives, stress and pressure have become common issues. Depression, mental problems, stress induced health matters are engulfing most people.
    And it’s not just limited to corporate and professional lives but can be felt in personal relationships too. It is time, we realise that this needs attention.

    Community talk groups, counselling and timely action will help.
    Many companies have come forward to ensure their employees get time off, have counsellors and buddy groups to talk to. In personal set ups, families have to be vigilant in picking up hints that are different from normal, talk more about larger issues concerning the person and be a part of their critical decisions. This helps build an atmosphere of discussion and sharing. A large part of stress can be handled if spoken about with people.

    VG Siddhartha was a promising entrepreneur whose life, unfortunately, ended too soon.