Social media creates the right buzz for grave issues; a truth worth exploring

    As we celebrate Environment Day today, the world stands in unison for a cause. Has this awareness come in the near past? Has the need to take a stand against pollution, plastic access, goods recycle, become such an alarming situation that we have no choice but to take account of it? Or is it the social media, which has helped the cause reach each and every ear, so that we take notice of the effects of environmental erosion that we are all experiencing at present.

    Social sharing mediums, mobile convenience, easy and fast accessibility to news, has helped in creating an atmosphere of consciousness. The amount of attentiveness that got created today on environment day hasn’t happened in the last 30 years.

    Yes, the common man is more involved with wanting a clean world because our kids are affected with the practicalities of pollution. Yes, the oceans are suffocated because of plastic usage and we are directly in line of connect…. but how did this information dissipate to us. How did the campaign for connection to the truth happen?

    Social media for once has positively worked to give momentum to this cause. Without this, the efforts of thousands of people wouldn’t have reached the desktops and phones of others. It is this unison which will help us drive the point across and to come up with cohesive solutions.