SC raps Centre, state govts; is this the only way they hear?

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    As Delhi NCR seethes under the massive cover of pollution, it is finally the Supreme Court of India, that has brought the accountability of those in power under question.
    The Supreme Court today lashed out at the government, questioned their lackadaisical attitude and demanded implementation of immediate solutions.

    The Apex Court bench said that the administration at both the levels have made a mockery of everything.
    Finally, it’s the law that’s required to make sense even when havoc strikes. With the nonchalant attitude and silent ignorance of the grave matter, the government at the centre and the state have yet again proved how irrelevant this topic is for them.
    The Supreme Court has up-kept the trust that Indian have in it. The bench thrashed the present system, said immediate action needs to be taken and outlined a plan that needs to be followed.

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    At least now, the politics of this matter should be put to rest and the national crisis be realized. Pollution is not a political agenda, it is a grave, real and apparent problem that can ruin the future of generations to come.

    Time the centre and the state government’s rise to the need of the hour, hear the Supreme Court’s reasoning of this issue and ensure they ‘follow it to a T’.
    Maybe, some face can still be saved.