Safeguarding Taj Mahal; law rules over religious sentiments

    Taj Mahal

    The Supreme Courts decision refraining non-residents of Agra from entering the Taj Mahal complex for Friday prayers has met with mixed reactions.

    Though most people have welcomed this as a means to safeguard the monumental value as also from a security perspective; another mindset feels, rules need to cut across all segments. According to them, differentiation on the basis of city residency did not make security a lighter issue.

    Taj Mahal is an architectural treasure for India, apart from the fact that it is one of the seven wonders of the world! Hence, with such tags attached, we cannot have lax disciplinary regulations for it. Movement of so many people has an effect on the upkeep of the premise as well as the security of the monument.

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    Passing of such judgements is done maturely and with due diligence. We should respect and agree in the larger interest of an inheritance of history which our country is proud of.

    Taj Mahal should be given its due. And if the people of Agra get more right over tourists and visitors, so be it.

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