Rahul Gandhi’s resignation; what are the odds that Congress faces now?

    Rahul Gandhi’s resignation; what are the odds that Congress faces now?

    From 44 seats in 2014 to 52 in 2019; Congress cannot pat their backs for the increase. A dismal performance, pro BJP wave, PM Modi’s charismatic persona and a weak leadership, were some of the reasons that worked against Congress’ big plans.

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    Nevertheless, the point remains that Congress is the only national level opposition party in India today. Hence the need for Congress to have a leader who can organise, lead and navigate the party as well as boost the morale of ground level workers, is imperative.
    Rahul Gandhi tried two times and failed. This time, he refuses to take on the responsibility. A month-long drama ensued that resulted in a firm Rahul Gandhi who refused to budge.

    So, where does this leave the Congress party?

    Scenario 1 – the CWC manages to convince him to return. Would a situation like this help the party or bring Rahul Gandhi closer to the end of his political career?
    Scenario 2 – Choosing a new leader. A person who has experience, acceptability and the vision for a new Congress. There are many names but how well they function without the family’s interference, will be a question.

    With his resignation, Rahul Gandhi could be steering the way towards non-dynastic rule and placing importance on accountability. He needs to be respected for this.

    Right now, the party is facing existential crisis and the decision to elect a new leader, for a party that has seen Gandhi rule for most of its years of existence, will be tough.The new leader will have the onerous task of keeping the party united across its many factions.
    Any further delay in deciding the future course of action, will deepen the insecurities, which Congress cannot afford to continue with, right now.