Pak’s terror face

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    Though American President has fully convinced himself about the ‘deceit and lies’ of Pakistan taking aid from America in the name of eradicating terror. Its military and ISI were using these funds to provide aid to terrorists working against American interest, Afghanistan, India and in other parts like Yemen, Seria and Lebia.

    Immediately after the American stand that Pakistan should take decisive action against terror, its organisations responsible for terror have started changing their names to satisfy that Pakistan is working against terror, but the fact is that they simply try to put dust in the eyes as and when such pressure mounts on Pakistan.

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    American decision to curb their military aid of $2 Billion and also another aid of $2.55 Million is a right step in the direction to curb terror. Stopping of funds will definitely create a crunch on the resources which were used earlier to fund the terror activities and terrorists by its military and ISI.

    Pakistan will resort to all type of pressures on American leadership to release these funds but the best course would be not to fund Pakistan anymore.