One Nation, One Election; a reality or far from real

    Almost every few months, some or the other state undergoes elections in India. Either it’s the state, by polls or now the general elections in 2019.

    PM Modi, post his one nation, one tax scheme is eyeing to build consensus for the one nation, one election (simultaneous Lok Sabha & Vidhan Sabha elections) mandate.

    The advantages are many. Cost saving being foremost. After all, the election process is not only tedious and hectic, but also expensive. Along with this, the time saved can be utilized to actually ‘run’ the country.

    However, what needs to be thought through is the bandwidth at which this framework needs to operate. Administrative staff, equipment, logistics and security are the key areas that will need attention.

    When both the elections are clubbed, national issues may dominate over state issues. This could be potential bone of disconnect in the future.

    India needs to strategically, logistically and practically think about this scheme. How it works in the Indian set up, in reality, could be very different from its meaning on paper.