“Not done My Lord”

    A Delhi Court on Thursday yet again adjourned the matter seeking fresh issuance of death warrants against the four convicts in the brutal Nirbhaya gang rape and murder case.

    This has caused a lot of anguish and exasperation to not only the family of the victim but the entire nation.

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    There is something that needs to be re looked at. What is it? Is it the statutes in the law book or the entire functioning of the criminal justice system?

    The Centre has in a petition asked the Supreme Court to fix a time limit as far as curative petitions are concerned. This has to be fixed immediately.

    Lest we forget that this case was fast tracked and yet has taken more than seven years and the death penalties are yet to be executed.

    The Indian judiciary has from time to time passed progressive judgements and has always safe guarded the democratic traditions of this nation.

    There is an urgent need to work together and find a solution to this challenge. The executive and the judiciary should come together and fix this malaise in the system.

    In this particular case and for future cases, it would be an earnest appeal to the “Lords” to come together and render justice to the nation that is keenly watching this spectacle and more importantly to the victim’s family.

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