A new BRIC on war against terror

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi continued India’s strong stance against terrorism at the BRICS Summit in China as the BRICS censured global terror groups across the world, especially those based in Pakistan. This a major step up for India in terms of diplomacy and is indicative of India’s growing standing on the global stage.

    PM Modi has made counter-terrorism a central theme in all of his foreign visits and his continued reiteration of this message has shown India’s commitment to fighting global terrorism. This commitment to counter-terrorism has also led to India seeking a multilateral isolation of Pakistan, which has been internationally labelled as a breeding ground for terrorism. Such isolation was hard to accomplish earlier as Pakistan received support from the US to provide support in Afghanistan.

    This status quo has witnessed a shift in recent months as the US is now looking to shift away from an unreliable Pakistan state and support a more reliable, and assertive India. The shift in partnerships has led to Pakistan seeking a new partner in Pakistan, which it has used for its own benefit. As Pakistan is an important partner for its OBOR project, China has blocked India’s proposals to impose sanctions on Pakistan and the Pakistan-based terror groups.

    With the Pakistan-based groups being formally identified by the BRICS nations shows that on the global stage, every nation has reached the limit when it comes to tolerating terrorism and are committed to working together to fight the scourge of terror. The specific nature of the declaration shows that India has the support it requires to push for sanctions that would go a long way to starving terror groups in Pakistan. The declaration at the BRICS Summit also shows China’s resolve against terrorism and shows the world that its priorities lie in promoting a peaceful world.