We need development, not political fasting

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    We need development, not political fasting

    India’s biggest political parties have taken to ‘political fasting’ as a way to woo the people. BJP undertook a day-long fast to protest against the recent parliament washout, while earlier in the week the Congress protested against the violence during a “Bharat Bandh” called by Dalit groups. Congress’s Fast was called out when a picture of Congress leaders enjoying a sumptuous breakfast went viral.

    The country needs development, not fasts. Given the multiple development issues facing our country from farmers issues to women’s safety, the elected representatives will get better results working in their constituencies than sitting in protest all over the country.

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    Though the prime minister fasted on-the-go, after giving a list of do’s and don’ts to his party men, many travelled to other cities or their home states for the nationwide protest. People too want the politicians to act and that was visible in a social media poll conducted by Newsmobile where overwhelmingly people didn’t support the politics of fasting. Development agenda and ensuring its last mile impact should be the mantra for politicians in India and not political optics.

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