Muscle power and caste divide continue to infest India’s social fabric

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    BJP MLA's daughter Sakshi Misra's husband assaulted; police to provide security

    A viral video of a young couple pleading for safety, has stormed social media.
    In the video, Sakshi Misra and her husband, Ajitesh Kumar, are seen requesting the girl’s father to spare their lives. Sakshi is the daughter of a UP BJP legislator and has alleged that her life is in danger from her father after she married a Dalit man.

    As the video went viral, the father of the girl quickly issued a statement that he was not against the marriage but was perturbed with the age difference between the two. Unfortunately, the damage control mechanism from his side was late in coming. The caste factor had raised its ugly head in rural India, yet again.

    Even as India aims for a superpower status and launches successful space missions or talks of a $5 trillion economy, our fundamental social fabric is still weak, archaic and caught up in matters of the past.

    For a young couple to resort to social media to save their lives, is indeed startling. To be chased by your own family members because the girl decided to marry someone of her choice, is indeed appalling.

    Are we truly progressing?

    To build a strong country, we need a robust base. A foundation that is educated, forward thinking, tolerant, accepting and respects freedom of choice. A liberated mindset that does not limit a girl’s basic right to decide her partner.