Live Now – Annual event of ‘Mumbai Drowning’. Is BMC watching?

    Circa 2005, Mumbai witnessed “once in a hundred years phenomenon’ i.e rainfall of 944 mm that lead to a deluge in the maximum city killing over 1090 people. Logically it was thought to be a once-in-a-lifetime event, as Mumbaikars used to rains, famously kept a change of clothes in office every monsoon and braved the rains without batting an eyelid.

    However over the decade, news of rain creating havoc with the daily lives due to – waterlogging, train tracks getting flooded, walls collapsing – gives a general a sense of mayhem in the city. A city that prides itself for an undying spirit.

    Who is to blame for this unease of living in Mumbai? The municipal corporation is among the richest in the country. But every successive year, the monsoon creates more and more chaos in the city. Though the peak rainfall this year has been between 117 mm-200 mm, nowhere near the 2005 mark, the severity of the impact seems to reaching the decade ago level. Last year the highest rainfall was 316 mm in one single day. Result was worse than today. The city was choked.

    The BMC, other civic agencies and the political masters decided to revive projects related to storm water drainage system of the city in 2005. In 2018 the situation is largely the same as are the reasons leading to it. Only difference is civic agencies are now on Twitter and let the Mumbaikars know that the whole city is waterlogged and they should stay indoors and children should not go to school.

    The system has yet again failed the citizens. The show is live and BMC is watching. Red-faced!