Learning spaces should left to prosper as development engines

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    In an unprecedented attack on Jawaharlal Nehru University on Sunday, students and teachers have been injured alike and this raises a question on the safety of universities in India.

    It can be argued that the destinies of nations are shaped in their classrooms and in this regard there is an urgent need to promote safe campuses and liberal institutions of learning and growth.

    Institutions such as JNU are considered to be temples of liberal learning where students explore different ideas and identities which brings in alternative perspectives in the national imagination, for example, it was JNU that enabled Nobel Laureate Abhijit Banerjee which enabled him to evolve his theory of randomised control trials which is considered to be pivotal in the development economics.

    Finally, there are no arguments that the youth of this country should come forward and play a leading role in the politics of the nation. In this regard, responsible political empowerment should be encouraged by the authorities. The J M Lyngdoh committee report recognised this fact.

    Moreover, the authorities including the VC and proctor and the local police officials should be sacked for their inability to stop this brazen violence.