Kerala Nun rape case; another example of ‘justice delayed is justice denied’

    Kerala Nun rape case; another example of ‘justice delayed is justice denied’

    A horrifying incident has shaken the framework of a religious community, highlighting the plight of a woman and bringing to the forefront the realities of an archaic legal system that moves at a snail’s pace.

    This is the true face of Indian sentiments for a nun, who was raped repeatedly for over two years and is now shamed at various levels for bringing forth the horrifying act of a well-placed Bishop.

    First, it highlights the power gap that exists between a Bishop and a nun. While the Bishop has been interrogated only once, she has been questioned at least 10 times. Second, she has been vilified by her own religious community, an entire muscle might of the order that supports the Bishop and not her. And lastly, the elected leadership in the form of an MLA, who minced no words when he compared her to a prostitute.

    This is where the stark truth of our state of affairs comes in. India has been battling the menace of harassment and rise in women’s atrocities for a while now and situations like these need quick action. Only then, will the trust and confidence in our legal processes get strengthened. The real meaning of a democratic, secular & republic State is to protect the rights of an individuals. Rape is a crime and the punishment for this has to be meted out by the criminal justice system. Only then will the wrongdoers realise that punishment is for real.

    Till then, cases such as these will keep shaming us.