Kejri’wall’ wins! Is it a win for politics of work?

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    The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has secured a victory for the third consecutive time in the Delhi Legislative Assembly elections on Tuesday and Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is all set to return for his third tenure.

    These results have set a new trend in Indian politics and will hold important lessons for all political parties in the future elections.

    First, the AAP spoke about issues related to development. They spoke about their achievements such as improving school infrastructure, Mohalla clinics, subsidised power and water. The other parties, on the other hand, failed to highlight their achievements and promises, but rather focused on vote bank politics or communal politics. The voters have severely punished those who aren’t willing to work.

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    Second, Arvind Kejriwal’s impeccable credibility is well known and his performance as a  chief Minister helped secure AAP, a third term. The voters knew the face of the AAP Chief Ministerial candidate. Whereas on the other hand, the BJP and Congress did not boldly portray their CM faces. This cost them heavily. The BJP projected Narendra Modi as the PM face twice during the Lok Sabha elections and won thumping majorities. A learning they failed to apply this time.

    Third, the voters are smart and have learnt to reject vitriolic statements which tend to divide the nation. The BJP should realise this and imbibe it in their political strategies fir future elections.

    AAP’s win will also result in boosting opposition unity at a time when no formidable opposition exists at the Union level.

    Finally, all parties should learn to not under-estimate the intelligence of the voter. This is paramount and the Indian voter has proved it.

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