Keep the fringe groups at bay

    Fringe elements in India have begun to increasingly make their presence felt in Indian society. Their only motive is to impose their regressive ideas on a society that has left them behind and moved on.

    The most recent example of such imposition is the targeting of filmmaker Kamal Haasan by the Hindu Makkal Katchi (HMK). The HMK demanded that Haasan be arrested for hosting the Tamil version of reality show Bigg Boss on the grounds that the show featured vulgarity and intimate scenes which were “against Indian culture and caused erosion of social values.”

    Later on the same day, Bajrang Dal activists allegedly assaulted a man for not saying ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’ when being forced to do so by the activists. Such acts of intolerance from fringe groups is quite obviously against the tolerant, pluralistic idea of India. These fringe groups take advantage of the pride every Indian citizen has for their country and abuse to further their own agendas and regressive views.

    While it is difficult to change the regressive mindsets of these people, future generations can be protected from falling into the same trap. Education is the most essential tool in expanding the thought processes of an entire population and only by improving education institutions to include every citizen can ignorance be eradicated from the country.