Is Priyanka’s ‘ek nayi raajniti’ more than just an emotional twang

    Is Priyanka’s 'ek nayi raajniti’ more than just an emotional twang

    Politics and family swag are hard to break and especially if the legacy in particular are the Gandhi’s. Priyanka takes over the reins of UP East, but with the political genes of great grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, brother assisting her to make the perfect entry.

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    The Congress fights the elections head on with Modi’s charisma – the family tag intact. Is this yet another way of playing the emotional card intelligently, or is the cry for a new India, the real motive.

    Priyanka has the following issues to ponder on. Her experience beyond the special appearances and the granny look alike image. The Robert Vadra factor, that has kept her away from the corridors for long. Strategists have now given a yes but the Vadra inroads will only continue.

    And most importantly, the direct finger pointed at the capabilities of her brother, who may be the strongest legacy holder in Congress, but does not have a united support from the ‘Mahagathbandhan’.
    Is she here to salvage that position for him? To make two stronger than one.

    In the past too, Priyanka has got people to the rally’s but converting them into votes needs a stronger plan. Modi’s magic continues at the grassroot level and Priyanka, as of now, has a long way ahead.
    A long way to establishing herself as a strong, motivated political contender and not just a Gandhi. Which way she tilts will decide a lot.