Is it ok for leaders & celebrities to make mistakes?

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    Is it ok for leaders & celebrities to make mistakes?

    Politicians are constantly in the eye of storm and most times it is for the wrong reasons. A missed line, wrong information, a construed pronunciation, all can become glaring mistakes. The latest from the Congress’s stables is Rahul Gandhi’s ‘Kumbhakaran and Kumbharam’ row; enough to keep media fully enthralled.

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    So, what’s the big deal? Can’t politicians, celebrities and public figures err like common human beings? Why are they supposed to be right all the time?
    Questions like these always leave us thinking.

    But the truth is – yes, they have to be careful. A public figure isn’t a given mantle. It comes with responsibility. Responsibility towards the position they hold, the words they use and the remarks they make. And why? Because there is a mass following that looks up to them, that takes in every word they utter and follows their actions to the T. They need to lead by examples and follow norms and ethics that set the right ideals.

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    Yes, it is ok to make mistakes sometimes. The bigger task is to acknowledge that a mistake has been made, learn from the errors and ensure it doesn’t get repeated again. But to constantly slip, that too in the public eye, can be detrimental not just to their reputation but also to their leadership image.

    Does this require homework? To be on top of the game? Maybe yes. But then, its not easy being up there too. That’s the down of being a celebrity.