Is Hardik Pandya’s comment a breach of public accountability?

    The ecstasy of the Indian team’s win in Australia hasn’t even settled and cricket has garnered public attention all over again. This time for a controversial event.

    After making their famed debut on chat show ‘Koffee with Karan’, Indian cricketers Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul, have landed themselves in a soup. They were issued show cause notices by BCCI for the comments they made about women on the show.

    Twitter zoomed into action and audiences were outraged when Pandya remarked about how he notices a woman’s ‘moves’ rather than know her name.

    He followed this up with an apology but the damage was done.

    So, where does this lead us to? Should sportspeople have do’s and don’ts when they do non-sporting shows? As celebrities, aren’t they responsible for their actions? And then the other side – are we overreacting?

    Its not easy being in the public eye. Like Bollywood, cricket is worshipped in India. Cricketers are idols to millions of watchful eyes. Every move of theirs is copied. And hence, the accountability they hold, goes up. They need to be aware that people will emulate them. If a Hardik Pandya brazenly says that he has had many flings and observes the ‘moves’ of women; boys around India would find it ‘cool’. The ramifications then would be obvious.

    Women dignity, is anyway, a big problem faced by the country. Rather than engaging in meaningful conversations about uplifting them, these remarks only demean them.
    Yes, they were said casually and no way does it mean that Hardik Pandya doesn’t respect women. But its this casualness that will be taken as the last word by his followers. And that’s why, his responsibility increases.