Is body shaming turning into a potential social epidemic?

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    Is body shaming turning into a potential social epidemic?

    Body shaming has yet again taken the celeb world by storm. Celine Dion is the latest to be body shamed for her weight loss. Neha Dhupia was, in a similar fashion, trolled for her excessive weight, post pregnancy.

    From supermodel Gigi Hadid, Selena Gomez to bollywood actors Aishwarya Rai, Sonakshi Sinha closer home – body shaming is increasingly becoming a grave issue.
    Facts from across the world show that approx. 90% people have, at some point of time, been body shamed.

    It is becoming a huge cause of youth unrest. In the run to beautify oneself and look like a known celebrity, a person creates a make believe world that takes them away from reality. Finally leading to inferiority complex, lowered confidence, insecurities and troubled relationships.

    Body shaming needs to be slammed by one and all. Whether it is weight, colour, size, each person has the freedom to make personal choices and judgement. Social media platforms do give us the right to freedom of speech, but if it is on the cost of belittling another person, then we are not using it in a true sense.

    Body positivism is important. Physical appearances cannot be the criteria to judge someone’s character or potential.
    Body shaming needs to be shamed at all levels and by all. It could, otherwise, pose to be a potential threat to the growth and outlook of the new generation. To lead a healthy lifestyle and be mentally balanced should be assigned far greater relevance than comparisons and jealousy.