Is BJP fretting over UP’s three women brigade?

    Is BJP fretting over UP’s three women brigade?

    BJP has always been a strong contender in UP. In the 2014 general elections, BJP won 71 out of the total of 80 seats. A landslide victory that left the entire political community stunned.
    Cut to 2019, and BJP is hopeful of repeating history. The only clause – 3 women who are strongly in the way.

    Mayawati, Priyanka Gandhi and Dimple Yadav are in their own way making political misery come alive for the party with the majority. Here’s an analysis of each one of them and how they could be important in turning the tables.

    Mayawati is one of the most seasoned and experienced politicians in UP right now. A 4-time CM, she still holds ground and can sway the Dalit votes in her favour. Even though she hasn’t won any major elections since 2009, her power cannot be undermined.

    Dimple Yadav is a two-time MP and a surprise element in this year’s politics. Finally emerging from the shadows of the party patriarch, Mulayam Singh Yadav and husband Akhilesh, Dimple has created a position for herself. Known to help Akhilesh in all major decisions, her hold cannot be undermined anymore.

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    And of course, the third and what could be the most important peg in the UP scene is Priyanka Gandhi. The latest from the Gandhi clan has infused renewed energy, zeal and excitement amongst the UP-congress party workers.
    BJP needs to have a focused strategy. UP votes can play a major role on the national scene and for these parties, it’s a do or die situation now.