Hyd rape-murder case: Can India find tangible solutions to stop rape?

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    Hyd rape-murder case: Can India find tangible solutions to stop rape?

    The horrific rape-murder of a young veterinary doctor in Hyderabad sparked the never-ending debate yet again – can something actually be done to combat the rising number of rape cases in India? It also brings forth some vital questions. Have we, as a race, become so hardened, that atrocities such as these, do not alarm us? Where and to what level will our sensibilities stoop down to?
    India today, is numb with lack of a proper answer.

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    Is rape being used by men as a tool to assert power and feel superior? Will not be surprising, considering that India is still steeped in a hierarchical and patriarchal societal system. Men are still made to feel larger than life and women are still the underdogs.

    Although the Indian legal system specifies that rape convicts can get death penalty (rarest of rare cases) or rigorous life imprisonment, as few as one in four cases end up in conviction. Where then, will the scare come from? Is our shambolic criminal justice system still allowing people to find loopholes and knowingly get away?

    Easy access to porn and uncensored material on web, alcohol addiction, social acceptance of violence against women, appear to be merciless triggers of rape and assault.

    How many more such cases before we realise what a mess, we are in. Its not about making only the laws more stringent, it’s about the implementation, education and collective consciousness of the people, that needs to go up.
    As a society, we are in deep trouble otherwise.