HUL’s decision to drop ‘Fair’ from ‘Fair & Lovely’ message to all?

    John Abraham, Vidya Balan, Shahid Kapoor, Shah Rukh Khan, Abhay Deol, Tarun Vijay, fairness cream

    Accused for long promoting racism by discriminating against people on the basis of skin colour through its advertising and brand marketing campaigns, Hindustan Unilever has finally decided to drop ‘Fair’ from its ‘Fair & Lovely’ range of skin care products. And India is giving a resounding thumbs up to HUL for this just and fair step.

    HUL’s statement on rebranding its flagship brand spelt out it’s vision of a ‘more inclusive vision’ of positive beauty. The welcome step initiated by HUL now must resonate with other major brands too who have minted millions on selling fairness and skin whitening products riding high on this condemnable, denigrating and utterly discriminatory concept.

    For those, skin colour has been linked to self esteem and self confidence, especially for those growing up in the the Indian sub continent, south east Asian nations and South Africa, where young women have been made to believe that being fair is better and it opens up vistas for a successful career ahead.

    The Black Lives Matter protest in the US has indeed made a strong statement to have an inclusive approach going forward. This obsession with skin colour and fairness has to stop. Good to see that we are finally putting this discriminatory practice to the bin. This bias must go. Period. And celebrities who have been unabashedly endorsing these fairness products must learn to say no.