Has the SC verdict put BJP in an awkward position?

    The Supreme Court on Wednesday allowed the CBI to restore serious charges against LK Advani and others in the Ram Mandir case. This verdict has inadvertently brought the focus back on the issue that has piqued masses’ interest too. We can’t deny the fact that SC’s decision has put BJP in an awkward position. And it also raises some important questions: what propelled CBI to push for the reopening of the trial? Are there any ‘behind the scenes, hidden forces’ playing any part? What now is interesting to see is how CBI will play its part. And how BJP will handle this dilemma. It can’t be seen pushing for a senior leader’s prosecution given that during Vajpayee-led NDA’s regime, the same issue was brushed under the carpet. How is Modi going to deal with this? Or is this verdict a win-win for him? Because the apex court decision also means that Advani might be ruled out of upcoming presidential elections. BJP just has gotten itself a 2019 election plank to fight on.