Has Google paved the way for a new kind of #MeToo wave

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    Has Google paved the way for a new kind of #MeToo wave

    #MeToo and the war against crime on women, sexual abuse and harassment has recently reached another level.
    Technology giant Google, had a very different situation at hand, when employees across its many offices in the world, decided to stage a walk-out to ask for a change in the way the company handles sexual harassment and discrimination issues.

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    ‘Google Walkout for Real Change’ had employees walk out of their offices on Thursday in a coordinated protest.

    They had five major demands that ranged from putting an end to forced arbitration in harassment and discrimination cases, commitment to end pay and opportunity inequity, sexual harassment transparency report to be disclosed to the public and an inclusive reporting process, to be initiated.

    So, what does this signify?

    What has happened at Google is the beginning of the change that is so required in the world. A world where women atrocities, inequalities and power games have existed far too long. Till the time, a concerted public opinion doesn’t build up, firm action may not be taken.

    The recent #MeToo cases in India too, are testimony of the fact that an uprising has occurred. They need quick, just and right processes for closure.
    A culture that fuels sensitivity, a mindset that reprimands such acts and a laid down process that governs and judiciously punishes the predators, has to begin.

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    Google has, perhaps, started the trend. The future may see more companies coming forward to stand for their rights.
    It is time people are heard. The powerful have had their say for far too long.