Haryana Government’s form of ‘confusions’ irks parents across schools

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    Haryana government’s Directorate of Education has issued an admission form to all schools, asking them to get personal information from all parents and students. The form asks for data such as Aadhar card details, income and tax information, religion and caste etc. But it’s the information about the parent being involved in ‘unclean occupation’ that has irked parents the most.

    The form circulation has created confusion and uproar amongst the parent community. Surprisingly, no justification and rationale for this form have been issued by the government either.

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    It’s time the Khattar regime takes notice of this and provides a logical answer. In times where privacy of data and safety of personal information is being eyed as a major drawback of technological interfaces; this move by the government of Haryana only adds to the muddle. How will safe the information be? Safety of student knowledge? Prevention of leakage of data…these are some questions which need answers.

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