Farmers’ Protest: With SC Ordered-Committee In Place, Time To Resolve The Ongoing Deadlock

    NM Photo by Prashant Tamta (file image)

    With the farmer leaders staying put with their agitation against the three contentious farm laws promulgated by the government in the last session of the Parliament, the Supreme Court on Tuesday put on hold the three laws for now and constituted a four-member committee of experts to hear both sides and understand the ground situation.

    Farmer unions however reiterated that they will not appear before any court-appointed committee but will continue with their agitation till the laws are repealed. The All India Kisan Sangharsh Coordination Committee says the Committee includes people who have openly supported the Farm Laws in the recent past.

    While the Court is trying to end this deadlock by trying to bring both sides on the discussion table by forming the committee, instead of continuing with their belligerent stand, farmers and the government both need to see eye to eye and engage in open conversation which will have a deep impact going forward.

    Its time to put egos aside and work towards resolving the issue at hand in the right earnest at the earliest.