East Asia summit: Opportunities ahead for India

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    Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be attending the 6th East Asia Summit on November 4th in Bangkok.

    Amongst the main issues he will be addressing are the following:

    The grouping consists of more than 50% of the global population and about 58% of the global GDP.

    However, economically the global situation continues to remain bleak and uncertain. Growth in trade continues to be sluggish and it will be the PM’s challenge to address these issues along with disruptions caused due to emerging technologies. All members of the group are said to be affected by this challenge.

    Strategically, the grouping has diverse views on the issue of open and free navigation in the high seas. South China sea and the Indo-Pacific region will be a zone of geo political tension and it needs to be seen what stand the PM takes in this regard.

    This summit happening at the highest level of the government will also afford an opportunity to India to make its position clear on the issue of cross border terrorism, attract investments especially in the manufacturing sector and bilaterally iron out the differences that exist, such as the recent tensions with Malaysia.

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