Don’t Fret Over Tanishq Ad, Larger Battles At Hand

    Even after Tanishq withdrew its advertisement following massive trolling on social media, the controversy refuses to die down.

    The Hindu Jagran Manch staged demonstrations outside three Tanishq stores and demanded that they display an apology for the next six months for hurting religious sentiments. Tanishq meanwhile continues to be among the most trending topics on social media as well.

    Earlier this week, Tanishq released a commercial showing a baby shower thrown for a soon-to-be mother by her in-laws. A Hindu woman was being led by her doting Muslim mother-in-law towards a waiting crowd of relatives from both families. The messaging was loud and clear: celebrating India’s inclusivity. But this led to heavy trolling with many calling it a surrogate means of promoting ‘love-jihad’, a term commonly used to denote instances where Hindu girls are duped into marrying Muslim men.

    Under fire Tanishq called off the advertisement, it brings us face to face with the larger question – have we become so intolerant as a society that the very idea of India living in harmony gets defeated.

    There are bigger battles at hand like COVID-19 and climate change and works towards ramping up our economy which should take up our time and not get involved in these kind of issues which end up doing a great disservice to the nation.