Delhi pollution is back; let solutions do the talking this time at least

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    As winters approach North India, it is time to panic. Pollution has already started making its devilish inroads into our lives. North India, especially Delhi NCR, is at the brink of having a pollution infested winter again.

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    This year the story doesn’t seem any different. According to the global Environment Performance Index (EPI) 2018, India is ranked at 177 and Delhi, the national capital of the country, is the world’s worst city in terms of air pollution.

    So, what is it that the people and the government can do to minimise the extent of pollutants in the air. After all, not only is it harming our bodies extremely, it also creates a negative image about the country.
    Some ways in which the government and the people can reduce pollution are –
    Control stubble burning in the neighbouring states, minimise construction and the dust that comes from it, stop unauthorised industrial pollution and curtail vehicular population. Reports suggest that the number of vehicles in Delhi are more than Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai taken together.

    Each year, new ideas are thought of. The main issue, however, remains the implementation process. An efficient, monitored and thought through programs plan needs to be rolled out. It’s not that the Government is not taking steps to control pollution in Delhi.
    Delhi is a living furnace and we definitely don’t want to leave this hell for our future generations.
    Plans need to be pre-planned and work needs to begin much before the actual problem hits us.