Delhi NCR’s smog story; a gas chamber waiting to explode

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    5th November 2018 was Delhi NCR’s date with the worst air quality of the season ( and it’s just the beginning). Thick smog enveloped the air and pollutant risk which was at its peak.

    This is pollution@Delhi.

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    People were in for a rude shock when thick smog engulfed the city in the wee hours of the morning. As the day progressed, complaints of burning eyes, breathing disorders, asthmatic attacks and other related issues started to surface.
    Delhi NCR’s air quality was approximately 345 and, in some areas, even higher.

    So, where are we headed? A story with such repeat value that even the thought of revisiting the entire experience of last winter yet again, is frustrating.
    But the reality is, that it is happening and no one, including the government, the citizens and the authorities seem to have a solution to put a stop button to it.

    The reasons have been discussed in detail enough number of times. Vehicular emission, stubble burning, thick air clout, industrial pollution, weather patterns and construction are the notable causes.
    Its not that the government isn’t doing anything at all. Regular watering on the side roads have started. Crackers have been banned and construction has been stopped. Yet, the bigger issues loom large.

    Substantial steps need to be taken to shut down all construction activities, stone crushers and hot mix plants, industries using coal and biomass as fuel, and diesel generator sets.

    Even citizens should reduce the use of private vehicles and garbage burning. Time for an SOS committee to be set up with visible short term goals. Delhi NCR is a gas chamber waiting to explode and we do not have time to wait and watch.