Cricket is no longer the gentlemen’s game

    There was a time when the game of Cricket was synonymous with the lofty ideals of fair play, the sportsman spirit, never using foul means for winning, courtesy even with opposing teams and not being a sore loser. The game was considered to be gentleman’s game but no longer it is.

    When they said it’s just not cricket it meant that someone was being unsportsmanlike in the game specifically but life in general.

    Australian skipper, Steve Smith and batsman, Cameron Bancroft have tampered the ball during the third day of the Test match against South Africa in Cape Town. Both sportsmen have admitted to the charges as well.

    According to the footage, a small, yellow object was seen in Bancroft’s hands after he had worked on the ball and he was also captured taking it from his pocket and seeming to place it down his trousers.

    It showed Bancroft seeming to rub the rough side of the ball, the opposite side to which he would usually be trying to shine on his trousers, as is permitted under International Cricket Council (ICC) playing conditions.

    He appeared to put the object down his pants apparently after being spoken to by the substitute, Peter Handscomb, who had come on to the field after speaking to coach Darren Lehmann over the walkie-talkie.

    When Bancroft spoke to the umpires, he was shown holding a bigger, black cloth rather than the small yellow object he had earlier seemed to place down his trousers.

    However, Cricket Australia has launched a formal investigation into the matter, cricket is far from the high minded sport it was earlier envisioned as.

    With the enormous amount of money in cricket, the game has become a crassly commercial money spinner. The game has fallen prey to money, power and politics in nowadays.