Convid-19: Why civic discipline is paramount in present times

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    The Janta curfew, requested by the Prime Minister to fight the deadly Coronavirus was a success throughout the country.

    However, some chose to brazenly exhibit their ignorance by gathering in places and avoiding all established protocol to fight the virus. Inspite of the PM clearly stating that we should show our gratitude by standing in our balconies or windows, people chose otherwise.

    These are tough times and this lockdown has been enforced as a last resort to fight this virus whose spread continues unabated. From three cases in February to over 400 currently, the times has come to enforce tough measures, else for a country like India, it could mean dangerous waters.

    India will have to stop the spread of this virus for its own good as its crumbling health infrastructure cannot afford to support large number of positive corona related cases.

    The next best alternative is to ensure self-isolation. This is the only method through which we can stop community transfer and spread of the virus.

    However, we have seen the callous attitude of the people in this regard.

    The best solution is to stay at home and stop all mass gathering which will prevent the spread of this virus.

    People should understand that by following the laws, they are not only protecting themselves but also their families.
    Ideally speaking, India and Indians should follow the established protocol willingly.

    However, the state should be willing to use the ‘carrot and stick’ policy and more so the ‘stick’ to deal with violators. Most states are now going in for the complete curfew.

    This could have been easily avoided if the people were to behave in a civil and responsible manner. But now that complete lockdowns and curfews have been imposed, we should follow them as responsible and mature citizens.

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