The clear and present danger

    The recent incidents at the UP Assembly where a suspicious object was discovered that was later confirmed to be a lethal explosive have once again put the spotlight om India’s security infrastructure.

    The very fact that an explosive could be brought into the Assembly, passing through several security checks, shows the evident lapses in the security arrangements in our country. This very fact was iterated several times by UP CM Yogi Adityanath during his address to the Assembly.

    The presence of loopholes in the way security is handled in India allows terrorists the perfect opportunity to strike. At present India’s security is not a preventive force but is instead a reactionary force that focuses on damage limitation rather than damage prevention.

    India has the potential, in terms of personnel, to possess one of the best security institutions in the world as is evident from the specially trained military and paramilitary units present in India. The need of the hour is to augment that personnel with state of the art technology and training that prepares the people in charge of our safety to prevent any and all threats to Indian society rather than react to them.