By cracking the whip on absentee MPs, PM Modi sets an example for all

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    On Tuesday, in BJP’s parliamentary party meeting, PM Modi expressed his anger when he came to know that some union ministers were not adhering to the roster prepared to mark their presence in the parliament.

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    He is known to have been visibly upset and has asked Parliamentary Affairs Minister, Pralhad Joshi to inform him in case any MP misses the roster henceforth. A roster is made when the Parliament is in session and mentions the names of the MPs who need to be present in the parliament to take up questions from the opposition.

    A significant step taken by the PM to ensure that parliamentary attendance is given due importance. His whip has reinforced the fact that getting elected to the parliament is a responsibility and its sanctity has to be upheld at all times. For union ministers, it becomes even more essential as they represent the ruling government and are accountable to take up questions and issues raised during the session.
    The whip is also an example for the opposition and other parties too. They need to ensure that members of the parliament attend the sessions sincerely. The people of the country have put their faith and elected them to represent them in the parliament. Attendance is the least that they can do in this direction.