BRICS is an opportunity to return to business as usual

    After a prolonged and tense standoff at the India-China border, both Asian giants are set to meet at the BRICS Summit to be held in China and will be attended by the heads of state of the member nations.

    The Summit presents an opportunity for both nations to return to friendly terms after a standoff where the governments of both nations remained steadfast. While the Summit provides an opportunity for normalization of relations, it also presents India and China the opportunity to lead the BRICS Summit and the other member nations.

    While India and China have steadily grown economically, Brazil, Russia, and South Africa have experienced a slowdown in their economies. Only a joint effort from India and China could provide the stimulus required to boost the economies of the other three members.

    There is, however, a chance that the prolonged border standoff could prove to be a major stumbling block during the talks as the two Asian giants will be wary of each other’s agendas. Such a development could mar a Summit that intends on focusing on economic cooperation for the future. India and China occupy leadership positions within BRICS, owing to their respective economies, and any tensions between the two would not be beneficial for the organization or the Asian giants.