Bolstered with Rafale, India sends out a loud message to China & Pakistan

    That India will not bat an eyelid any longer when it comes to bolstering its defence capabilities and making the country more powerful and secure was reiterated once again as Prime Minister Narendra Modi welcomed the happy landing of the first batch of five Rafale jets at the Ambala air base  through a tweet in Sanskrit.

    Touted as a game changer, the Rafale jets give a distinct edge to India over China and Pakistan with respect to their speed, precision and weapon capabilities. Coming at a time when China is looking at all possible routes to illegally claim parts of Indian territory as its own and Pakistan is waiting to push in terrorists, the diplomatic and strategic messaging is loud and clear. That India means business and cannot be taken for granted. Rafale jets not only act as a force multiplier on the ground but for sure gives India a strategic edge.

    And while all eyes are on the Indian skies today thanks to Rafale, one cannot afford to overlook the other big development in the offing. According to highly placed sources, the ball will be set rolling for building six advanced submarines through a strategic partnership model to ramp up  Indian Navy’s under sea muscle power.

    Be it air, water or land, India knows how to protect its sovereignty. And our troublesome neighbours know that for sure.