Are sexist comments taking the Rafale debate beyond the original scope?

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    Are sexist comments taking the Rafale debate beyond the original scope?

    From cricket to politics – another issue surfaces that targets the dignity of women. And this time, it is none other than Rahul Gandhi, the President of India’s oldest political party, The All India Congress, who is at the centre of a furore.

    The Rafale deal debate has gone beyond the scope of just being a fighter jet issue. It now concerns women across the nation who feel certain remarks made by the Congress President are sexist and a reminder that women dignity is still a matter of low priority, even as we discuss women upliftment, ‘beti padhao, beti bachao’ and equality.

    The Congress scion said that Narendra Modi had got a woman (Nirmala Sitharaman, India’s first full time woman Defence Minister) to defend him in Parliament. He kept referring to her as a woman who could not answer the questions posed to her.
    In a different tweet, he also asked the PM to ‘be a man’.

    Yes, it is the right of our elected leaders to question each other, debate on government policies and ensure the rightful decisions are taken. But to debate by belittling individuals and a community, isn’t the path of dignified politics.

    Across different strata of the society, women are consistently threatened for their independence, right to freedom, choice and pride. Celebrities, leaders, people in position of influence have the power to sway people. Their words, actions and thoughts are replicated by millions of people.

    Politicians are as much accountable and responsible for this as anyone else. And that includes a-could-be future leader of the country too.