Are political parties resorting to unfair practices to win India’s democratic contest

    Are political parties resorting to unfair practices to win India's democratic contest

    With just one more phase left to go to polls, political temperatures are rising to heightened levels. Each political party is out to beat the other in the final race. Speeches, campaigns and rallies are becoming spicier; with attacks hurled at competitors, past issues being raked up for mileage and political agendas being questioned. This is India’s political scenario and May 23rd will finally decide who got the better of the Indian voter.

    In the midst of all of this, it’s the rise of unfair practices that are the glaring black marks on our democratic process. Clashes between opponent parties, like the TMC and BJP workers in West Bengal, or the polling agent in Haryana’s Faridabad who allegedly tried to influence voters, are the negatives that prove that people are ready to go to any extent to win the contest.

    Democracy gives people the fundamental right to think, decide and vote as per the choices they make. No cohesion, pressure or tactic can make an Indian citizen decide otherwise.
    When political parties dive down to mud slinging, pressuring a person to vote for them or rigging booths, then it goes against the very ethos of our country’s definition.

    As we move closer to electing our new government, it is up to each one of us to ensure that we do not bow down to such tactics. That speeches are not just a motivation tool but a reality check for parties.

    Instances like Faridabad cannot be marked for repetition.