Ajit Pawar’s dramatic U-turn; can BJP get over this embarrassment?

    Ajit Pawar (file image)

    In a dramatic move, the newly elected deputy CM of Maharashtra, NCP legislator, Ajit Pawar, resigned from the post. A shocked BJP called for a presser and announced that Devendra Fadnavis will also tender his resignation to the Governor. Maharashtra, yet again, is in the midst of a drama that started pretty much at the same point.


    Politics and Maharashtra have been synonymous for a while now. New alliances, lost mandates, friends turned foes, hotel huddles, last minute collations, differing ideologies and the party with the largest vote win, taking a backseat – Maharashtra has indeed taken their in-house ‘Bollywood’ mechanisms way too seriously.

    Uddhav Thackeray may well turn out to be the man who had the last laugh. His road to the CM’s office seems devoid of speed breakers now.

    Uddhav Thackeray (file image)

    Questions that remain to be answered. How well will the new alliance work in the long run. The three parties, in the past, have had bountiful differences – ironing them out for the larger interest of the state and the sustenance of the alliance will be crucial. BJP in the opposition and their role. How will Shiv Sena’s first experience at the helm of affairs, help them move beyond the tag of a regional party. Will Aditya Thackeray work to strengthen the party’s position at the ground level or will he escalate to a position of power. NCP-Congress and their camaraderie with Uddhav Thackeray.

    Wait and watch – Maharashtra’s drama refuses to cease.