Ahmedabad joyride: Careless and irresponsible behavior results in human deaths

    Ahmedabad joyride: Careless and irresponsible behavior results in human death

    A ride that started on a high note of excitement, thrill and happiness for the 30 people seated in it, soon turned into a chilling episode of screams, shock and resulted in a catastrophe.
    A joyride in Kankaria Adventure Park, Ahmedabad, collapsed after the pipe of the main shaft broke. What ensued was a frightening scene with three lives lost and several injured when the ride came thundering down to the ground.

    A horrific example of administrative inability and insufficient safety measures being adhered to. Many questions come toppling out of the closet. Was the park legally authorised? Was the machinery checked for glitches and was servicing undertaken?

    Who is responsible for the mishap?

    A few days back, a fire incident that occurred in a coaching centre in Surat, also left us shocked. Young students lost their lives because of gross negligence and the ‘chalta hai atitude’ of the administration.
    What many in India have done is to open money-making set ups without concrete measures being taken to make them fool proof. Are fire tests and drills carried out periodically? Illegal construction in buildings is another reason for such calamities.

    It is high time the government wakes up and takes strict action against such establishments. Timely checks need to be conducted. In case of any negligence, local authorities need to be punished and heavy fines need to be imposed.
    Only then, will people realise the importance of safety measures.
    Another Ahmedabad or a Surat needs to be avoided.