A new dawn for Indo-US ties

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    US President Donald Trump will be visiting India from February 24-25. This will be an important visit for both nations.

    India and the US have a thriving relationship based on mutual economic, strategic and development interests amongst others. However, it has the potential to throw up challenges at regular intervals and sustaining the high momentum in the ties becomes important then. This visit will be important in building a new narrative that will steer the relations clear of all challenges, bilateral and multilateral.

    The two sides are expected to announce a trade deal that will be mutually beneficial to both nations. The economic relations have reached a point where it needs to be paid attention to. The US revoked the GSP system as far as India is concerned and this visit is critical in ensuring that it is restored and the two sides can continue trading, permit free movement of natural persons and more.

    The situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan state-sponsored terrorism will be a critical issue for India, especially at a time when Pakistan-US relations are improving and the President has time and again mentioned the critical ‘K’ word (Jammu and Kashmir) in recent times.

    The two nations can also take forward their common vision as far as the Indo- Pacific region is concerned.

    In recent times, the energy ties between the two nations have improved and have gone beyond import-export and have moved to joint exploration, research etc.

    These are some of the areas where the two countries will seek to work on and the President’s visit is critical towards achieving this.

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