A daughter kills her father; is impulsive control disorder taking over Gen Z?

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    In a shocking incident, a 15-year-old girl along with her 19-year-old boyfriend murdered her father because she wanted ‘freedom’.

    Her father did not approve of the relationship. He beat her, cut off her phone access and stopped her from meeting the boy. Out of sheer frustration, the girl planned the kill with her boyfriend. Leading psychiatrists feel that the girl might have idolised her boyfriend to such an extent that she started to view her parents as obstacles.

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    Is competition, stress, societal pressure and want of independence leading to such disorders?

    Nowadays, many adolescents suffer from impulse control disorder, which is characterised by impulsivity, failure to resist temptation and inability to communicate. Even though such traits are common in adolescents who indulge in drugs, increasingly, they are being found in youngsters who aren’t into substance abuse. They come from normal backgrounds and have had an almost balanced upbringing.

    It’s the social influence that sometimes takes the better of them. Often, they become influenced by someone and end up committing a crime. The biggest issue is that they think they can get away with it.

    As guardians, it is imperative to ensure that communication channels are intact. Extreme reactions can make them react in a similar way too, especially when it is against their aspirations. It is in such situations, that parents have to deal with compassion and love. Overdose of technology and easy access to data is anyway making life stressful for them. Parental understanding is a channel that needs to be re-invented so that such incidents get minimised.