Why the results of BattleForStates 2018 matter

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    Politics drives India. The battle for states kept the country on the tenterhooks as results of 5 state elections (Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chhatisgarh, Telangana and Mizoram) poured in. The results revived the sagging fortunes of the Congress party and reinforced Rahul Gandhi as the undisputed leader of the Congress.

    Branded as Pappu and slammed for his Kumbhkaran gaffe and not being a full time politician, the Congress President will now be seen by his allies as a leader with some wins in his kitty.

    On the anniversary of his elevation as the Congress President he proved that he is in the game for the long haul. However he has to continue the momentum and can not be complacent – razor thin wins and losses in Telangana and Mizoram have to be factored in and introspected upon, if he wants to be in serious consideration for E 2019.

    BJP gets a shocker

    For BJP it is undoubtedly a setback losing the two states in the Hindi heartland just ahead of the elections 2019. While the loss is not a referendum on PM Narendra Modi and state elections were largely fought on local issues, but clearly the shocker is a wake up call for the BJP that it has to play the politics of progressive ideology and not cow vigilantism.

    Not all alliances can work

    Congress and TDP provided great optics but failed miserably as an alliance, Congress on its own could have done better. Congress is still reeling under the shock of the division of Andhra Pradesh and in elections 2019 it has to factor in these dynamics as it stitches the alliances.

    No one is invincible 

    Another big takeaway is that no one in any election is invincible, BJP lost miserably in Chhatisgarh where it’s CM was on a better footing, while PM Modi continues to be the favourite for the PM’s chair in 2019 and voters are willing to give him a chance they expect a mascot for progress and a new India, and not a return to any retrograde or a conservative agenda which some from his party are desperate to hard sell.

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