Trump’s tantrums are a temporary setback

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    Not long ago in Osaka when Donald Trump met India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi. India had expected the meeting to be a bit stiff given US President Donald Trump’s trade-related dictates, however, the meeting was cordial he even got on to tell the Pm Modi that if there is any issue, he should pick up the phone and speak to Trump directly and they will iron out the differences.

    He even spoke of a new trade deal and even as a visit was being planned for the Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal to travel to the US to have trade talks.

    Trump unleashed his Twitter tirade which has certainly riled India. Diplomatic sources admit that Trump’s tweet also indicates a flip flop but may be aimed at satisfying his domestic audience.

    However, it comes at a wrong time and Trump should realise that he is dealing with a strident India. A new India with a strong PM like Narendra Modi at the helm of affairs. Besides diplomacy with India is not about a basket of tariffs but a much wider canvas and defence and oil is an integral part of it.

    Sure as the dust settles he would realise that the bullying tactics will not work with India. We should on our part stay coarse to ensure our national interests are protected.